Getting Started in the Cyber Security field

Entering the cyber security industry may be difficult at first if you don’t have either 1. a degree or 2. prior relatable experience in the technology field. There are many different avenues in to the security field, but regardless, proving your knowledge through certifications is a must if you plan on getting a high paying job in IT security.

Before I even passed my certification test, I put Security+ on my resume as a scheduled exam and immediately I was getting more interview requests. My personal recommendation for anyone attempting to get an entry level cyber security would be to take the Security+ exam. It is very inexpensive compared to other entry level certs and its a huge boost to your resume. The Security+ exam will take you back about $350 compared to other exams like the GSEC which offer similar material but cost over $1000. Some may recommend taking the Network+ test beforehand, which is also offered by CompTIA, but if you have any prior experience in IT or networking I would recommend skipping to the Security+ exam. However, if you don’t have any prior relatable experience, studying for the Network+ and learning about networking and VLANs/subnets could be extremely useful depending on the job you are looking to land.

In my opinion, having a certification is more important than having your degree. It not only shows employers that you have the knowledge required for the job, but it also shows that you are eager and dedicated enough to take the time and effort it requires to pass the test. After you have a general security certification and/or a job in the field, then it may be time to look in to furthering your list of certifications depending on the path you are looking to take in security.

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